Heart On My Sleeve.

Sigh…feeling really emotional. Easily upset. Quick to cry.
Another deep layer seems to be peeling off. Another detoxing symptom from a different realm. Instead of detoxing physically I seem to be detoxing spiritually, if there is such a thing.
I feel like my heart is opening up but at the same time anger and impatience are also showing up. I feel like my soul is taking a deep cleansing bath aided by the nourishing food I’m putting into my body.
I also feel the need to communicate more, to share more and to resolve deeply embedded issues. Paths of communication are open but in a gentle manner, non-confrontational and with the lesser presence of the ego.
I feel encouraged but a little scared too. I doubt and then I remind myself of all the great improvements that have manifested already in my body and soul.
I will keep going. I will be patient with my self.
Peace, love and sprouts.

One month 100% Raw.

Yes! It’s all happening. I’m on it. It’s all good (almost).
One month Raw and I feel great (right now, that is). Indeed, as i write this I feel almost euphoric. I’ve just noshed on a rather large burrito wrap with delicious cashew dressing as well as a bit of tomato pesto and I feel blissful. I haven’t always felt this good during this past month, though. I have had my faith seriously shaken twice and I have had a mild spell of the blues lasting a day or so. Melancholic is one word that comes to mind. I have also had a rash appear on my jaw line, my hair seems to be falling off a bit more than usual and I have panicked once. “This is all ok, I’m just detoxing” I reassure myself. I have also slept a lot, about 9-10 hours a night.
Now for the good news: My period has been three symptom-less days of very light flow, my eye sight continues to improve (this is so freaky as i can now ride my bike without my glasses or contacts!), I have spells of pure bliss and my moods have improved as well as my patience. My blood sugar seems to be great as I no longer have those ups and downs in hunger and moods, I seem very steady. The best part, though, and I hate to be so vain, is that the bags under my eyes have improved by at least 50% which indicates my liver is cleansing. (Insert high five here)
I have overcome and handled rather well social situations involving friends and food and I feel like I’m getting a hold of this whole Raw journey although I totally realize it’s only been a month. I feel good!
As far as what I have been eating I have to say I have been obsessed with collard green mammoth burritos.
I am experimenting with dressings and sauces and have been on Youtube quite a lot getting inspiration from Fully Raw Kristina even thought she’s on the 80 10 10 diet and I’m not. I love her charisma and she has definitely helped me a lot during this past month. Yay for Kristina!

Peace, love and sprouts,


My last post was bullshit.

Here’s how my last post was Bullcrap. It is HARD to travel as a raw vegan, I just did it and it sucked.
The lowdown: Went to Spain with the kiddos sans the hubs. Stayed for a month. I arrived full of positivity, good vibes, self control and discipline. I left munching on a churro and drinking a gallon of horchata. Not what I had envisioned.
Here’s the thing: going back to a place full of culinary memories triggers a strong desire to re-live those memories. Staring at a plump, succulent Spanish Omelete will certainly result in the desire to sink your teeth into said dish since the last time one might have enjoyed the omelette in question was when one’s bespectacled, gray haired, sweet grandma served one in her cinnamon smelling, cheerful kitchen. Ah, the memories.
So, here’s my advice: Don’t travel. Leave it to the experts. Seriously, if you can help it wait until you are well established as a Raw Vegan and you understand that the cravings are nothing but memories, addictions, sentimental mambo jumbo, longing…it is hard. This I know now: We are so conditioned, embarking on this wild ride of Raw Veganism takes guts, for one, as well as unrelenting courage and discipline. The rewards are worth it, though. In just six months my cycle has completely regulated. My last visit lasted three completely symptom free days. Bliss. My eyesight has improved as measured by my ophthalmologist and my skin is positively aglow. Spiritually speaking my mantra seems to be “It’s all in my head” and “this is effortless”. I’m in a good place indeed.


The most amazing week just happened. My two very rowdy, loud and ever the adversaries young daughters went to sleep away camp for, wait for it, a whole freaking week! It has been blissful, dare I say.
If you are a homeschooling mom, you know just how precious time away from your children is. That sounds so funny when I say it, as most parents would say time with their children is precious. But anyway, I think, given the opportunity, children do well to explore and spread their wings without a parent putting in their two cents every chance they get (I try really hard not to do this.)
It is very important to me to allow my girls the opportunity of complete independence and to be self directed. Sleep away yoga camp has given my kids the chance to do just that and more. Check out the awesome www.kiddingaroundyoga.com
So, while my kids were tie dying t shirts and practicing their downward dogs, my husband and I went on a road trip around Florida, the sunshine state!
It will seem ridiculous to some, but the very first thing that enters my mind when I’m about to travel is not how we’re getting there or where we’re getting some shut eye but “what am I gonna eat?!”
The very first thing I do, but of course, is pack some yummy food in a big’ ol cooler. This is slightly irritating to the hubs, who’s also mildly irritated already because I pack my pillow and comforter (a bit of a freak, I know) so the cooler plus my luggage and toiletries sometimes puts him over the edge. But anyhow, in the cooler I pack a few goodies like:

Yummy in season fruits. Since it is summer there were tons of delicious choices and I packed,
Watermelon chunks
I also packed some handy “junk” raw goodies like crackers and chips
Soaked and dehydrated almonds and walnuts
I brought lots of water as well as two mason jars filled with creamy smoothie

These goodies served us well until we got to the towns we were visiting, The first thing I do is check www.happycow.com for a trusty list of raw, vegan, vegetarian and veg friendly eateries in the area. Happy Cow has never failed me! We found a beaut of a little Raw restaurant in Saint Petersburg and another in the oldest city in the nation, Saint Augustine. What treats!
Outside of these, I find almost all restaurants offer ok salads which sometimes I enhance by throwing nuts, seeds or sprouts and since I eat a little cooked food a sweet baked potato or some vegan soup is often all it takes to make a nice meal, Plus, if you’re nice and ask politely waiters have no problem throwing in suggestions and helping you leave happy.

So all in all, I am happy to say Raw traveling was a snap! I will add, however, that since I’m a newby at this Raw thing, I did end up getting way too hungry in one of our car rides and found myself upset at my lack of planning on that particular day. My suggestion to anyone looking to travel Raw would be to go to a supermarket to refill your cooler regularly. Don’t ever be caught without sufficient fuel or you will, indeed, suffer!

It’s funny, though, on our way back home after our week of travels, I found myself biting into a whole cucumber, munching away happily while I drove… Who said Raw traveling was hard?


107 (1)

I hate wheatgrass. The smell alone sends me gaging, the flavor gives me chills. While I juice it, I hold my breath and breathe only through my mouth. That’s how bad it is. My children recoil, my husband runs away.
But, knowing what I know, I do drink it. Not always though. I go back and forth and think of a million reasons why today is an ok day not to drink it.
Wheatgrass is one of the cornerstones of the Hippocrates Health Institute’s Life Transformation program, where I studied last spring for nine weeks and where I obtained my Health Educator certificate. Check out If you’re not drinking wheatgrass, you’re not on the program. Simple.
Ann Wigmore, the founder of Hippocrates more than sixty years ago in Boston, healed herself from terrible diseases with wheatgrass. Some of its benefits are:

– Wheatgrass is one of the richest natural resources of vitamins A, C, D, K and B complex. It is also a natural source of Laetril (B-17)
– Wheatgrass is the richest source of chlorophyll, which is the “blood” of plants, with a molecular structure that is almost identical to the hemoglobin molecule of the human blood. A shot of wheatgrass is, literally, like a blood transfusion!
– Wheatgrass contain beta carotene, which acts as a scavenger against harmful molecules such as smoke, air pollution or other toxins.
– Wheatgrass is one of the most direct and highly concentrated forms of the sun’s energy, and it is the optimal energizer.
– Just two ounces of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 5 pounds of fresh vegetables and contains 103 vitamins and minerals.
-Wheatgrass juice helps to increase the enzyme level in our cells, which aids in the rejuvenation of the body.

There are many more benefits, these are just a glimpse. What I wonder is: Why don’t we hear more about wheatgrass? Of all the Raw foodists I follow on Youtube no one ever talks about wheatgrass except for Brian Clement, current director of Hippocrates. So what gives? Do raw foodists, the one’s actually thriving on this lifestyle, drink it regularly? When I watch those ever entertaining videos “What I ate today as a raw foodist” I have yet to see any of those popular Youtube stars mention wheatgrass. Which leaves me wondering: If they seem to be thriving and they don’t drink wheatgrass, should I continue to do so?
I understand the benefits of drinking wheatgrass, intellectually speaking, that is. I just hate it, though.
So, are you following a Raw lifestyle? Are you drinking wheatgrass? Do you grow your own?

If you would like to learn how to grow wheatgrass and are afraid to start, please watch my Youtube video tutorial as demonstrated by my two girls! Shoot, if two little girls can grow wheatgrass, so can you!