Monthly Archives: October 2016

My last post was bullshit.

Here’s how my last post was Bullcrap. It is HARD to travel as a raw vegan, I just did it and it sucked.
The lowdown: Went to Spain with the kiddos sans the hubs. Stayed for a month. I arrived full of positivity, good vibes, self control and discipline. I left munching on a churro and drinking a gallon of horchata. Not what I had envisioned.
Here’s the thing: going back to a place full of culinary memories triggers a strong desire to re-live those memories. Staring at a plump, succulent Spanish Omelete will certainly result in the desire to sink your teeth into said dish since the last time one might have enjoyed the omelette in question was when one’s bespectacled, gray haired, sweet grandma served one in her cinnamon smelling, cheerful kitchen. Ah, the memories.
So, here’s my advice: Don’t travel. Leave it to the experts. Seriously, if you can help it wait until you are well established as a Raw Vegan and you understand that the cravings are nothing but memories, addictions, sentimental mambo jumbo, longing…it is hard. This I know now: We are so conditioned, embarking on this wild ride of Raw Veganism takes guts, for one, as well as unrelenting courage and discipline. The rewards are worth it, though. In just six months my cycle has completely regulated. My last visit lasted three completely symptom free days. Bliss. My eyesight has improved as measured by my ophthalmologist and my skin is positively aglow. Spiritually speaking my mantra seems to be “It’s all in my head” and “this is effortless”. I’m in a good place indeed.