Monthly Archives: November 2016

Heart On My Sleeve.

Sigh…feeling really emotional. Easily upset. Quick to cry.
Another deep layer seems to be peeling off. Another detoxing symptom from a different realm. Instead of detoxing physically I seem to be detoxing spiritually, if there is such a thing.
I feel like my heart is opening up but at the same time anger and impatience are also showing up. I feel like my soul is taking a deep cleansing bath aided by the nourishing food I’m putting into my body.
I also feel the need to communicate more, to share more and to resolve deeply embedded issues. Paths of communication are open but in a gentle manner, non-confrontational and with the lesser presence of the ego.
I feel encouraged but a little scared too. I doubt and then I remind myself of all the great improvements that have manifested already in my body and soul.
I will keep going. I will be patient with my self.
Peace, love and sprouts.

One month 100% Raw.

Yes! It’s all happening. I’m on it. It’s all good (almost).
One month Raw and I feel great (right now, that is). Indeed, as i write this I feel almost euphoric. I’ve just noshed on a rather large burrito wrap with delicious cashew dressing as well as a bit of tomato pesto and I feel blissful. I haven’t always felt this good during this past month, though. I have had my faith seriously shaken twice and I have had a mild spell of the blues lasting a day or so. Melancholic is one word that comes to mind. I have also had a rash appear on my jaw line, my hair seems to be falling off a bit more than usual and I have panicked once. “This is all ok, I’m just detoxing” I reassure myself. I have also slept a lot, about 9-10 hours a night.
Now for the good news: My period has been three symptom-less days of very light flow, my eye sight continues to improve (this is so freaky as i can now ride my bike without my glasses or contacts!), I have spells of pure bliss and my moods have improved as well as my patience. My blood sugar seems to be great as I no longer have those ups and downs in hunger and moods, I seem very steady. The best part, though, and I hate to be so vain, is that the bags under my eyes have improved by at least 50% which indicates my liver is cleansing. (Insert high five here)
I have overcome and handled rather well social situations involving friends and food and I feel like I’m getting a hold of this whole Raw journey although I totally realize it’s only been a month. I feel good!
As far as what I have been eating I have to say I have been obsessed with collard green mammoth burritos.
I am experimenting with dressings and sauces and have been on Youtube quite a lot getting inspiration from Fully Raw Kristina even thought she’s on the 80 10 10 diet and I’m not. I love her charisma and she has definitely helped me a lot during this past month. Yay for Kristina!

Peace, love and sprouts,