About Me




Hello! I’m so happy you’re here!

 My name is Eva, I’m 45 years old and I’m from Spain.  I have lived in the US since I was a teenager and I feel very blessed to be here. I am happily married and have two girls who are 8 and 10. We are a homeschooling family or as I’d rather put it, our children are independent learners. They have never set foot in a school, preferring instead to learn by watching and doing. We don’t follow a curriculum per se but they do participate regularly in classes such as piano, computer science, outdoors natural science and even, just recently, a magic and public speaking class.

I have been 90% raw for about 5 months and prior to that I was vegan for two years and vegetarian for about 9 years. This blog is about my unfolding journey in raw veganism as well as homeschooling, as a way to express the highs, the lows and the learning curves.

Growing up, I would never have imagined my life would turn out this way. Vegetarian? You will surely die! Vegan? Is there such a thing? Raw vegan? Well, I never really heard the term until about four years ago. The possibility of not going to school as a child? You’re bananas!

 I grew up in post Franco Spain within a very liberal family. My parents divorced when I was a toddler, actually, they separated since divorce wasn’t even legal at the time (that’s how rad they were) and eventually remarried other people. As a child, I always kind of felt a sense of not fully belonging to either family, I was a little in limbo with this business of always having to go back and forth. While my dad remarried and had three children with his wife, I mostly lived with my mom, my stepfather and my little half sister. Both families were very liberal, my father’s politically and my mother’s culturally, which basically meant she let me do whatever I wanted.

In my teens my mom died and my dad decided to send me to the US to study English. I landed in Albuquerque and lived there with a lovely family with whom I still keep in touch. For the first time I felt a sense of belonging. I felt at peace. I also liked the food. A lot. I ate whatever I wanted and for the first time in my life I put on weight. I never gave a second thought to eating pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch dressing or Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Still, by all standards, I was not fat, just a little rounder for my petite frame. It also never occurred to me where the food was coming from. That would take years still.

During that first year in the US I met someone and I ended up getting married when I was only 19. Not recommended! I never went back to Spain even though I visit every year. By this time I was living in California (ah, the dream!) attending college (my heart wasn’t into it) and my diet was pretty much the SAD diet. I have always been petite and always did manage to keep my weight in check, however by this time I was heavily into a very popular drug: sugar. Boy, did I like it. I ate a ton of it and my skin, energy levels and moods sure showed it. At this time I wasn’t exercising at all but I felt the call to do so shortly thereafter and began jogging when I was around 20, thus beginning my lifelong affinity of moving my booty on a regular basis.

In the mid nineties I moved to Miami even though I knew no one there nor had I ever visited. I just felt like I had to move and followed that feeling to Miami Beach. By this time my marriage was over and simultaneously, my affinity for vino increased. I was working retail jobs not really sure what to do with my life, unsure what my calling was, eating terribly although I still had a nice figure, exercising more regularly, drinking far too much and livin’ la vida loca. I soon found out what had brought me to Miami when I met a handsome English lad and fell madly in love. We were newly wed when my new husband was offered a job aboard cruise ships selling art. The job involved extensive travel and the best part is I could come along! Before the boss could change his mind our bags were packed and we were headed to Hawaii! It was freaking awesome!

During the five years that we traveled I began learning about animal agriculture, where food actually came from, the environment, how the food we eat affects us, organic farming, different diets and lifestyles for sustained health, alternative medicine, juicing and also began to expand and grow spiritually. There were awesome libraries aboard the cruise ships and since I had plenty of time I read pretty much anything that I could get my hands on. At this time I began to pay attention to what I was eating although my sugar addiction was out of control. Have you ever seen a 12 foot long dessert buffet and not tried anything? Exactly. Imagine a 12 foot long dessert buffet every night…it got messy.

Believe it or not, traveling all over the world, not having any bills, not having to cook or clean got old! Yes, it’s true, I wanted to come home to Fort Lauderdale, where we had a little house we had rented out and really wanted to start a family.

And so it happened. The hubs and I welcomed our fist born and two years later her little sister. At this time I had a little business helping people to quit smoking with Cold Laser Therapy and really felt I had found out what I was here to do: to contribute, to help, to serve. I loved helping people, I loved how gratifying it was to actually help someone better their lives and in some cases, save them from  certain health catastrophe. People wrote me awesome letters thanking me and I felt very much in synch with the Universe. All was well. Until, that is, I realized I couldn’t possibly run a business and take care of a baby who was nursing round the clock without some kind of help. I hired someone but I soon discovered I just wanted to be with my baby, like, all the time.

 I decided to stay home with my sweet baby and as time went on I noticed I was really delaying her starting preschool. Our baby girl had been born naturally, the hubs and I practiced attachment parenting, she wore cloth diapers, slept on our bed, was carried in a sling… why on earth would I put her in a preschool, away from me, to cry her little heart out and no mama to hold her? No way. And thus, the idea of homeschooling entered my mind, as if guided by the Holy Spirit itself!

So here we are. The kiddos are 8 and 10, we have homeschooled the entire way and I don’t regret a single minute of it. Have I pulled my hair out at times? You betcha. Do I fully know what the hell I’m doing? Not quite, but such is life…live and learn, as they say.

After having been vegetarian for eight years and vegan for one, in spring 2015 I graduated from the prestigious Health Educator Program at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, a dream come true indeed. I learned so much! Everyday I was there I felt so much love, so much inspiration, I was so in awe of the staff. This is a program I highly recommend whether you’re sick, know someone who is sick, or you just want to take your health to the next level. It is a life changer. Hippocrates inspired me to adapt the Raw lifestyle even though in the first year I went back and forth a lot. For me it is a work in progress to let go of old habits and patterns, to release food addictions, to reprogram ourselves and “unlearn” what we always thought was right. Hippocrates is, to me, the ultimate truth.

After struggling with sugar addiction for as long as I can remember, I can now honestly say I am no longer sugar hooked. Prior to going to Hippocrates my blood sugar levels were off the charts high and I constantly needed my next fix. I got lightheaded and dizzy if I skipped a meal and I always needed some form of sugar and caffeine first thing in the morning. It is so liberating to no longer be a slave to the white stuff! The night prior to starting at Hippocrates, in anticipation and as a way to calm my nerves, I ate an entire sleeve of Oreo cookies!

The raw vegan lifestyle has taught me so much about myself and my body. I am so much more in tune with it and I have gained a greater sense of gratitude for all the things my body does. I feel a sense of wonder, hope and excitement. The road ahead is exciting and full of promise. I really feel like sharing these feelings so welcome to my blog and thank you for being here!

Much Love,